NCAA Finals!

What a game last night!  If you couldn’t make it to the game viewing party, you certainly missed a great turn out with over 20 alumni and friends joining us. I hope everyone was able to get an adequate amount of rest today in preparation for the game tomorrow night!  I know it’s a late tip-off for a Monday night, but I’d like to invite everyone back over to my house to watch the game.  Not that I’m superstitious or anything, but we might as well stay with out same routine just in case.  As with last night, please feel free to bring your favorite beverage and maybe a munchie or two to share if you are so inclined.  Game time is 9:00, but feel free to join us anytime after 8:00 to watch a little of the pre-game and to get warmed up.  For those who couldn’t join us last night, here is the address:

 579 Scrubjay Lane
Jupiter, FL 33458
 As always, please feel free to email me at or call/text me directly at 561-252-8761 if you have any questions.
Phillip Edwards (’89)
April 3, 2017
8:00 pm — 12:00 pm
Phillip Edwards' house 579 Scrubjay Ln, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA